Introducing the Honeypot, NFT Earn, and NFT Marketplace on Pandora Swap!

We are thrilled to present to you our exclusive NFT collection the Honeypot along with the market’s first NFT Staking Pools (NFT Earn) and NFT marketplace where you will be receiving a Yield for staking your NFTs in our pools. Here’s where the real utility journey starts!

Pandora Swap offers unique aspects of NFT Earn. You will not discover anything like this anywhere amongst DEX! That’s why the Pandora Swap team invites you to experience the complex of special and significant benefits of this marvelous NFT Integration!

Participate in the sales of Pandora Swap’s unique NFT the Honeypot! Stake the Honeypot NFTs you own in the NFT Earn staking Pool with excessive APR.

What is an NFT Staking Pool?

An NFT Staking Pool is where you can normally stake our exclusive Honeypot NFTs/Partnered project NFTs, and the staked asset will be locked for a specific timeframe which means you can’t access them till the end of that timeframe. At the end of the lockup time, you can withdraw your staked asset and you will receive into your wallet the yield you earned.

Benefits of NFT Marketplace for Pandora Swap DEX

The NFT Marketplace is a massive release and a big part of the Pandora Swap Ecosystem. This is a huge step for further development of the global DEX and an innovative area to earn crypto by using NFTs. Let’s see in element how this stellar launch will make contributions to the enchantment of Pandora Swap:

  • Powerful and greater Pandora Swap ecosystem
  • New levels and records in DeFi
  • Strengthening of the $PANDORA token
  • Involvement of hundreds of thousands of new active traders and artists to Pandora Swap DEX & Marketplace
  • Lucrative opportunities for the community
  • Huge NFT partnerships
  • Greater volumes and positive statistics
  • Use case of $PANDORA token and the Defi economy

Price? Wen launch?

More information about our upcoming NFT collection the Honeypot is coming very soon, stay tuned! and don’t hesitate to reach us with any questions!

Sincerely, 0xLab

Have questions? Let’s get in touch! 🤝

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